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With good, affordable labour becoming more difficult to come by every day, we have to look at sustainable solutions. Those who don’t will be left behind. Don’t get me wrong, we do have some very good workers in South Africa. We just need to apply them better.

One of my producers recently imported a Waratah pneumatic pole planter and I can tell you this thing packs a punch!

Planting poles is a time consuming job. It takes up at least five workers and in hard soils can take even longer to plant the poles. But not with this bad boy. I had to see it to believe it so I went one day to help plant some poles with the “Thumpa” as it is called.

All I can say is IMPRESSIVE. You need three men. One Driving the tracktor, one guy on the ground holding the pole and one guy operating the Thumpa. This thing drives the pole into the ground in a matter of seconds. I will upload some videos I took to YouTube at a later stage.

Anyway, enough writing. Lets see how the Thumpa works!

Done! Easy as that!


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