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Myself and four farmers recently had the privilege to visit wineries and vineyards in Spain and France. We met great people, saw stunning vineyards and tasted epic wines. We went from Barcelona to Priorat, from Priorat to Falset, back again to Priorat, from Priorat to Lleida, Lleida to Alfarras, back to Lleida, back to Barcelona, then to Perpignan, from Perpignan to Argeles, from Argeles to Collioure and Port Vendres, back to Argeles, from Argeles to Rivesaltes, back to Argeles, then to Marseille, then to Amsterdam and then back home, to beautiful Cape Town!

Seems like a lot of traveling? Well, it was. And I want to do it again. And again. And again. And….

I will skip the first day in Barcelona. Mainly because it has no vineyards… but a lot of beautiful buildings, and girls… which has nothing to do with vineyards, but are still worth a mention 🙂

I will however show one photo of the Sagrada Familia, by Gaudi. Stunning.

Sagrada Familia

Priorat was absolutely breathtaking. Thanks Rosa Kruger for the tip. We stayed at Cal Compte, a true gem. Surrounded by magnificent sights of terraced vineyards and mountain hills, this is every viticulture lover’s dream.

This was our home base.

Cal Compte

From here we moved to the cellars we lined up. Bodegas Mas Alta and Viticultors Mas d’en Gil.

I will discuss them in my next post. Keep watching, lots more to come…

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