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Our next stop led us to a very interesting visit. The Cellar is called “La Gravera”, and means “The Gravel Pit”. The vineyards were established on an old gravel mine. When you see the vineyard it is amazing that life could come from this old mine. The vineyards are farmed biodynamically and all the ingredients for the biodynamics are grown next to the vineyard.



Chatting biodynamics

Grapes are not only sourced from these unique vines, but La Gravera recently got grapes from vines planted in 1889 (125 years old) . Unfortunately we could go to see the block, but I bet it is crazy special vines!

Visiting the cellar was yet another unique experience. The concept of the winery is special and vibrant. I bet there are no unhappy wines in that cellar! The wines we tasted spoke of the harmony in which it is produced. Great wines from such a young cellar. The one wine that caught my eye, was the “Laltre”. Laltre is the youngest wine they produce. It represents the values of  youth with the experience and wisdom of the traditional methods used in the old days. Turn the bottle upside down and you’ll see…

Laltre 2013


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