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So, about two weeks ago we had some hungry and curious little sheep wondering off into the vineyards. The result was quite interesting. Though I hate it when sheep are let into vineyards, especially in winter when they do more damage than good compacting the soil, this time was different. First of all – we didn’t let them in. Secondly – the soil are so hard and dry now, I doubt if they will do any damage to the soil.

So, what was so interesting? Well, they kind of did a good job breaking leaves…

This is a photo of leaves plucked by human hands.



And this is what the sheep did…


Not too bad for first timers! So, this made me think – can we use these machines in the future on Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to reduce methoxypyrazines by letting more sunlight into the bunches and vines?

Maybe I’ll do an experiment next year…

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