Today I cannot write anything about our current harvest. It just doesn’t feel right. This past week a devastating fire has been raging in the Simonsberg area, Stellenbosch. The pictures you [...]

Shaky start

Today we won’t be receiving a lot of grapes so I’ll have a bit more time in the vineyards (Tasting Sauvignon blanc from Philadelphia and Nouvelle from Wellington). Yesterday we [...]

2016 Harvest is on!

2016 Harvest started early this morning with the picking of Chenin blanc for MCC. A total of 10 tonnes will be harvested for this purpose today. The sugar was 19┬║Balling, acid 10.5 and pH 3.1. [...]

Welcome to harvest 2016

Welcome to 2016. I believe it will be an exciting year for me and Visualviticulture, with quite a lot of potentially exciting things to happen this year. I hope you enjoy the journey with me! The [...]