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As a novice in GIS I struggled to figure out how to display the Landsat8 data downloaded from Earth Explorer. I searched the internet but all the tutorials or guides are useless to someone who doesn’t have formal GIS training, or I was too lazy to read through a thousand pages. Here I will demonstrate how to get your georeferenced Landsat8 image into Arcmap – without that annoying black edges.

Firstly download the georeferenced image from Earth Explorer here

Now, open Arcmap

Create a new File Geodatabase


Right click on that geodatabase and click on “New” – Raster Catalogue


Name your Catalogue and Choose the Coordinate System (The Landsat Images are WGS 1984)


Click ok.

Nothing happens. That’s ok, chill.

Now go to your Geodatabase, in your database you have you catalogue. Right click and “Load”, Load Raster Datasets.

Choose the folder(s) you have your rasters in (important – you need to have all the files in that folder)


Click ok and wait for it to create.


Now you click on the properties of your raster dataset under layers.

Go to Symbology and click on “Display Background Value”. Make sure this is set to no colour.



And that is it. Easy and simple. Hope it helped some noob out there.


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