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What a fantastic day this has been. I spent the morning with Nicolaas Geldenhuys of Geldenhuys Broers on his farms Klipvlei and Primo. The five years we have been working together has seen such enormous progress – something we are both very proud of. 2017 will be our sixth harvest together and we cannot wait for the growing season to start! The cover crops look good, the pruning was the best it has been in years – thanks to all his workers for their continued effort, and we will start the season with our soils at full water holding capacity!

So the morning was great as it is, but then we went to Rupert & Rothschild to meet Yvonne Lester – Head winemaker… Those of you who met her would vouch that this lady is an atom bomb of positive energy! I have not met any winemaker yet with such glowing passion and energy for winemaking, food, conversation and… just everything!

Just showing us the cellar and the maturation cellar invokes an almost child like excitement with this lady – truly a blessing to meet such a person and I can’t wait to work together with such passion. My excitement for the coming season has increased tenfold!!!

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