Australia – Part 10

The last day of vineyard visits was here. We headed out to the Piccadilly Valley. We just went to one vineyard. It was a steep slope vineyard that Dylan wanted to show me and wanted to bounce [...]

Australia – Part 9

We spent the 2nd last day in the Clare Valley. We where heading out to Colin McBryde of Adelina Wines. I cant really remember that much of the trip on the way there. I saw loads of wheat fields. [...]

Australia – Part 8

We are now on the 27th of June 2022. We headed out to Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills. We visited the vineyards of Mickey Downer (Murdoch Hill Wines), Brendan Keys (BK Wines) and then out to [...]

Australia – Part 7

After we visited Cleland Conservation Park we went back to the Barossa to go for a braai at Dylan’s dad. Natasha and the kids went with and we stayed the night. I can see where Dylan gets [...]

Australia – Part 6

I know my blog posts are just about viticulture. But this one was quite fun. The next day was a chill day – a day off. Dylan’s oldest son took me to Cleland Conservation Park. It was [...]

Australia – Part 5

Next we visited the Barossa Grape and Wine Association. We were guided by Nicki Robins from Barossa Australia. It was great to finally meet Nicki, who has previously over email helped me a lot [...]

Australia – Part 4

The Barossa Valley is a renowned wine-producing region located in South Australia, approximately 60 kilometers (37 miles) northeast of the city of Adelaide. It is one of Australia’s oldest [...]

Australia – Part 3

I was feeling much better by now. We headed out to Blewitt Springs to S.C. Pannel where Ollie Bevan showed us around. This was my first time out and about in Australian vineyards. The first [...]