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Ever watched Megafactories on National Geographic? A program featuring building and production on mega scale. Well, this leaf in the picture is a Megafactory. A Photosynthetic Megafactory.¬†Photosynthesis is a process used by plants where they convert light from the sun into chemical energy, used to fuel the plant’s activities. Carbohydrates (sugars) are synthesized (created, formed)¬† from carbon dioxide and water.

The length of this leaf is 21cm. The breadth is 20cm. The average is 14cm X 13 cm (Chenin blanc in Paarl Region). This is from a block of Chenin blanc, pruned Guyot. The colour of the vines are intense green. The foliage is lush and very healthy. A lot of grapes are visible, but for this Megafactory, ripening it won’t be a problem at all…

Chenin blanc leaves


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