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Last year I spotted an almost forgotten patch of vineyards. I saw them from across a hill, hidden on terraces between the bushes and trees. As a vine guardian I was naturally drawn to them. Intrigued by them. Destined to help them.

Much to my delight, the farmer was willing to give these vines another chance at life. This was no easy task though. Big trees and stubborn bushes plagued these vines. They were already in bloom and not yet pruned. They didn’t look in good shape and I was skeptical if they would survive the dry summer.

So I spoke to them. Not a whisper, but really spoke to them. These guys needed assurance that things will be okay…

A year later and look at them! They are happy, excited and energetic little old vines! Ready to give us the best they have! And in return, we will treat them the best we can.

This is the Chenin blanc, planted in 1995





And this is the Pinotage, planted in 1985


People, treat old vines with respect. Nurse them, cherish them and they will give you wines like no other vines!

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