Consultancy services


Consultancy services



Viticulture Consultancy Services



Soil survey projects

Soil management recommendations based on soil survey results

Vineyard development – Design and planning (using topographic/GIS data sets)

Locating soil types, vine vigor or fruit quality changes in existing vineyards


Nutrition & Strategies

Annual vineyard nutrition program based on soil analysis

Cover cropping strategies

Annual weed control strategies


Vineyard Health

Canopy management

Pruning, Training, Suckering, Restoration of neglected vines, Leaf removal

Grape quality improvement

About the Author

My name is Jaco Engelbrecht. I am a passionate viticulturist based in the Coastal Region of South Africa. I graduated with Viticulture and Agronomy as main subjects. I have been a viticulturist for eleven years now and have since consulted more than a hundred wine producers and been involved on even more wine farms.

Visual Viticulture is a concept that grew from a previous viticulture blog I wrote for more than a year. It is the combination of my passion for wine grapes and my obsession with photos. My aim is to take my followers on a visual journey through the exciting and ever changing world of viticulture in South Africa.

As of 2016 Visual Viticulture evolved into a consultancy business with focus on remote sensing, but the essence of the website is still to show what is going on in the vineyards.

My hobbies/interests are vast and to mention just a few – snorkelling, breeding Corals, Mountain Biking, Guitar, tropical fish, fishing, underwater photography, squash, drones, drone photography and lots more.

I would like to travel more to see other viticulture practices and I am obsessed with old bush vines.

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy the posts.

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