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Yesterday we finished picking the Chenin blanc Reserve grapes. It is 21 years old unirrigated bushvine on Granite soil in the Perdeberg area. The block was picked in two sections. The first morning we picked South-Western slope. The second morning we picked the North-Eastern slope. We found that the two sides of the block produce significantly different wines, so these also ferment separately. The analysis was 24.7 balling, 3.3 pH and 7 TA.

Chenin blanc grapes

The mornings were cool and it was pleasant to harvest. The workers that harvest these grapes at the speed of light doesn’t nearly get enough thanks, so here I’d like to say thanks to each and every working picking grapes for us!



The grapes are chilling in the tanks and it is now the winemakers job to refine this great produce into award winning wines!


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