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I’ve come across this terrible scene this morning and my heart bled for these vines. As a passionate viticulturist I feel like a father to all the vines I help tend to. That is not only my job, but my passion. I want each and every vine to reach its full potential.

Young vines are like babies – they need a lot of care, love and nurturing. My Agronomist lecturer once said this about cucumber plants: “Cucumber plants are like women… They will forgive you, but they will never forget!”.┬áNeglect them early on in their life they will never forgive you. The same can be said for vines. I’ve seen it too many times. Vines that either suffer like the ones in the pictures, or young vines that has just too much grapes to ripen all tend to start struggling with production and quality around year 10 and never get to reach their full potential.

Especially in this dry and hot year that we are currently facing, young vines should have no competition whatsoever. This poor Pinotage block is starting life with a major setback. Let’s hope it will forgive and forget one day…




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