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We reached our hotel in Launceston late that night. If I remember correctly, we stayed in the Silo Hotel. It was quite nice. That night I pumped the pills. After a very long night for me, I decided to stay in the hotel that day and try to recover asap. We still had 2 weeks left and recovery was important. (I was so sick we ended up going to the hospital – no one really willing to help we went back. Suddenly I missed South Africa… Luckily Dr Grigg kept me going with yoghurt, fruit and lots of water)

Dylan went out to his clients and was so nice to send me regular updates and photos of him drinking beer just to make me feel better. It worked. Dylan took me on a quick tour to the Tamar and surround. I would really want to go back and spend more time in Tasmania.


That evening we flew back to Adelaide. In the smallest commercial aircraft I’ve ever flown in. Tasmania was tough for me, but beautiful and good. I still have fond memories that wasn’t erased by my fever and pills…

The next morning I already started feeling better. Well, I had to – we had an old vine tasting to present that evening – organised by Jimmy from Fruitful pursuit. I cant remember the name of the place, but it was in Adelaide.

That evening we geared up and out we went. I had such a good time. The crowd was super into wine and viticulture, and I brought with me wines made from some of the oldest vineyards in South Africa – Leeu Passant (The Mullineux’s) Basson Cinsaut made from vines planted in 1900 in Wellington, Western Cape, Mev Kirsten from The Sadie Family Wines – The oldest Chenin blanc vineyard in South Africa planted in Stellenbosch, AA Badenhorst Raaigras Grenache noir – The oldest Grenache noir in South Africa planted on Adi’s farm in the Swartland and Kokerboom from The Sadie Family Wines – A Semillon from the Skurfberg up North.

The interaction from the people there was amazing. I really enjoyed it and wished we could do more of these tastings, but unfortunately I could only travel with so much wine and courier cost to Australia is insane.

Well, we had a few more drinks and off to bed we went. Tomorrow we hit the road again. McLarenvale is up next..

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