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After Barcelona we went to Priorat, like I mentioned in my previous post. From there we traveled to Bodegas Mas Alta. Great reception from Diane. This girl had energy, passion and a great sense of humour! We were treated to go up to the vineyards, saw the valley and chatted a bit about vineyards, managing them and the challenges involved in farming on such steep terraces.


The wine tasting was super. Big, bold but smooth. Priorat kicked us in the face with these first wines we tasted from the region. This was like nothing I had ever tasted before. Grenache and Carignan – you are my newest crush. We need this in the Coastal region of Paarl and Darling. (although I worked with both in Darling, these Priorat wines were powerhouses compared to the South African Grenaches I’ve tasted)


Diane explained to us how they work with these beasts. Old vines assure very good concentration in the wines, brilliant colour and long finish. I’ve never seen Grenache as big as this. I always believed it to be the pinkish wines we got from the old GN70 clones. You learn something new every day huh?

So if you want to taste great wines, Bodegas Mas Alta is you destination.

Thanks a lot Diane!


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