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With things quieter out in the vineyards after the harvest I had some time to reflect on the highlights of this harvest. Besides the quality and the ease of this harvest, what was special?

It started on the 13th of January 2015, at 07:00 with the blessing of the 2015 harvest. You are about to start an epic 2 month journey, and what better way to start than just getting quite and thanking your Creator.



Then taking my wife out to the vineyards to ride on a harvesting machine and to experience a bit of the harvest, and being surprised by a Hot Air Balloon.


Hitching a ride in a small aeroplane with Jak and seeing my vineyards from above was truly special for me.

Paarl Mountain_01

  Getting a smile in the heat of the day


Seeing technology help with not only better efficiency, but with quality


Seeing one of the most beautiful sunrises ever at 05:05 from my Mountain bike in the Paarl Mountain Reserve


And wrapping it all up for another successful harvest.


All of this is priceless memories. Al thanks to a couple of vines 🙂

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