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We’ve come to the middle of our harvest. If I can describe this harvest in three words it would have to be – Hot, dry and tough. With temperatures in the range of 40°C not being the exception, but more the norm, the vines are tired, battered and in desperate need of rain.

We harvested some beautiful Chenin blancs this week. Already in the cellar there are vessels showing great potential.



The yields of the white varieties are down by between 20%-40% – a huge knock for the farmers. We are finishing off with the majority of the whites this week and should be done by next Friday. Shiraz, Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvgnon are coming in at a steady pace and will peek next week, putting pressure on the winemakers and their fermentation capacity.

The Shiraz grapes show great potential and I am quite excited about the 2016 vintage for the Shiraz. The grapes have intense and delicious fruit flavours in the vineyards.

Lets hope that the yields of the red varieties aren’t down as much…

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