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I know my blog posts are just about viticulture. But this one was quite fun. The next day was a chill day – a day off. Dylan’s oldest son took me to Cleland Conservation Park. It was the only time I actually spent doing some touristy stuff. I have seen quite a few kangaroos in the fields over the past week and haven’t really thought about sightseeing. I did however wanted to see a koala, and for some reason the fuzzy Wombat!

There were loads of other animals in the park, but there where some of the coolest ones:

Yes, lets start off with the koalas. Naturally they didn’t bounce around and entertained, but they sure are unique and cute animals!

Most of the guys here are cute friendly and tame. I was cautious with the kangaroos though, they can kick!

I think these are wallabies – they are like a smaller version of the kangaroo.

These are dingoes. I never knew they look just like domesticated dogs! Well, these did. They are very intelligent animals and I can see why they have been a nightmare for the sheep farmers! Their cunning and hunting ability caused huge problems for the farmers and in the 1920s the Dingo Fence was erected. This fence runs for thousands of kilometers. Erecting this fence must have been a beast of a task!

This is a Yellow-footed rock-wallaby. They are beautiful animals.

These are obviously some large and lazy kangaroos. We saw a few one night mountain biking in the forest. That was quite cool.

This bird was insane. It looks like an owl, but this is a Tawny Frogmouth. It is very well camouflaged and is a nocturnal animal.

And finally, just as we were leaving, this fuzzy wombat came out to eat! Apparently they are quite shy and Dylan said you don’t often see them, but I was lucky!

Well, there are tens of more animals and photos I could post, but this is a viticulture blog afterall..

Thanks to Alistair for being the greatest tour guide!

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