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The last day of vineyard visits was here. We headed out to the Piccadilly Valley. We just went to one vineyard. It was a steep slope vineyard that Dylan wanted to show me and wanted to bounce some ideas. The past few years I have been involved in designing and developing some of the steepest vineyards in South Africa, some of which I has written about.

And just like that. The time in Australia had passed. I want to thank everyone involved. Everyone I spoke to, whos hand I shook, who I shared a beer with and who welcomed me into their world. And naturally, the biggest thanks to Natasha Grigg, the glue in the Grigg household. Thanks Natasha for letting a complete stranger from South Africa share your home and family time and making me feel at home. I really had the best time.

Off I went. 33 hours of travelling back home. At least I used my layover time well at Singapore airport – binge watched Clarksons Farm season 1! What a great piece of television!

And then I blinked. And I was back on home soil. Back in the vineyards. Pruning. Planning and blessed to be part of amazing vineyard developments

Two more weeks and I was off to probably the best trip of my life. The Rhône was waiting.

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