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The season is now in full swing and the premium blocks need some extra special attention. We started suckering the Chardonnay and Merlot this week. The people are doing a really good job and it seems like the 2013 harvest will be of great quality. I know it is an early call, but I am positive about the coming harvest.

For those reading and who doesn’t know what suckering is – suckering is the removal of water shoots. In other words the shoots growing out of the ‘old’ wood that is not on the bearers that we pruned for. These extra shoots take up a lot of water and nutrients that should be channeled towards the bunches. By suckering we also let more sunlight into the canopy ensuring better fertility for coming seasons.  The severity of the suckering action depends on the wine goal we manage that block for.

Merlot Bushvine

Chardonnay suckering

Chardonnay suckering

Chardonnay bunch

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