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We are blessed with more rain this week. The vines are all in dormancy and the cover crops are growing nicely. Pruning is also in full swing and the vines that was suckered properly last year are a breeze to prune. The young vines grew very well during the previous season and they seem fit to produce a good crop in 2014. The first 4 years the vines are nursed to become strong and fertile adults. These early years are critical for future development, production and quality, making young vine development one of the most important actions of every season.

Young Chadonnay vines

This is a block of Chardonnay planted in 2012. 2.34 Hectares are grafted onto  USVIT 8-7, the other 2.34 hectares are grafted onto Richter 110. Both blocks receive drip irrigation. We graft vines onto rootstocks that are resistant to Phylloxera, which is a sub-soil sap-sucking insect. Read more on this here

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