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Today is an absolutely fabulous day. The weather is perfect for planting vines, especially after the rains we had on Monday. There are just two ways of planting vines. The correct way and the incorrect way.

The incorrect way(s) – planting in too wet soil will lead to “smearing” of the sidewalls of the plant hole, which will form a nearly impenetrable layer and the roots will be limited to the small hole you dug. Also, planting with spades can lead to “smearing” and will seriously inhibit growth of the vine.

The correct way – planting in moist soil WITH A GARDEN FORK! That is the only way to ensure your vine don’t suffer from stunted growth due to the plant hole walls becoming too hard to penetrate.

This is Chenin blanc, SN220 grafted onto Ramsey. Observe…

IMG_4488 IMG_4493 IMG_4498

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