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So back we went to Barcelona, our last stop before we hit France. We were met with an absolutely stunning day in the city. It was time to be a tourist. And how I enjoyed it! The buildings are magnificent, old and Gothic. The detail in buildings are mesmerizing, and the vibe of the city screams “Summer is here!”.

We went to the harbour, pity there wasn’t enough time to visit the Aquarium. Saw some pretty ladies and some very expensive toys…

Barcelona Harbour

Barcelona playgounds

And time to be a tourist…


Then it was a LONG walk to the Sagrada Familia (41 minutes according to Google Maps…), but worth every step. On the way there we passed the Triumphal Arch, also an amazing construction.

Triumphal Arch

When we got to the Sagrada Familia we realized that not only did we want to see it, hundreds of tourists were lined up to see it! I wanted to see the inside of the church, but there was no way I’m going to stand in line for an hour or more. So we decided to walk around the church to take pictures. There we saw security letting people in, but there were hardly any people lined up? Chatting to one of the girls there, she explained it was the entrance for e-tickets, and she pointed to a street corner where there were free WI-FI. So in no time at all, we were in! All I could think about was all the poor suckers at the front end standing in line… Thanks to the Spanish girl for telling us how to get in quicker!!

Sagrada Familia_#BeingTourists

Sagrada Familia_1

Sagrada Familia

So the day ended. Watched a disappointing Soccer World Cup Match that night, which saw Spain being eliminated. You can’t always win hey? Off to France it was the next day.

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