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Located between Collioure and Banyuls, lays a winery unique in every way. With the closest vines to the ocean only 19meters away, this is a recipe for something great to come.

Les Clos de Paulilles_vineyard

The estate ranges ofer 90 hectares of valleys, with 65 hectares of wine grapes. The sights are absolutely breathtaking and you just cannot get enough of it.

Les Clos de Paulilles_landscape

The wines speak of this unique terroir and then there is the Traditional Banyuls wines that grip your curiosity. The soils are mainly slate/shale and Mediterranean climate contributes to luxury conditions for the vines to develop grapes.

The wine tasting was also very interesting. The young girl that helped us with the tasting spoke only French.. we speak Afrikaans and English. So, the solution? She spoke French and we spoke sort of Afrikaans mixed with English, and that showed me, there is no barrier too big to enjoy wine, not even a language barrier! We tasted almost all the wines, bought most of them too, and enjoyed most of them that night đŸ™‚

Les Clos de Paulilles Wine

Besides that we saw some glass carboys standing outside the winery. Never seen this before. We were told that it is wine made the Traditional Banyuls style. According to their website (badly translated by Google Translate), this is how it is made:

Vinification and aging: Cluster brought to their full maturity and harvested by hand early in the morning. Sorting and de-stemming. Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks and fortification of grain. Five weeks of maceration with daily pumping. Aging in glass carboys for 30 months in a terrace facing the sea climatic contrasts (sun and summer heat, cold and wind during the 2 winters) LEAD oxidation and concentration (evaporation of water and the alcohol – angel’s share) of wine. Bottling and storage in air conditioned cellars.” Click here for the link

Traditional Banyuls_Les Clos de Paulilles

Thanks Les Clos de Paulilles for an absolutely stunning venue, wines and atmosphere!

Les Clos de Paulilles_groupshot

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