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The 2015 harvest didn’t sneak up on us…it completely caught us by surprise!  This has to be the earliest I’ve ever started harvesting. The first grapes fell on  15 January. Since then we harvested some Pinotage, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay and Chenin blanc. The big push are coming next week. But first we have to get through this massive heat wave we are currently experiencing.

With a very dry spring and summer this season, I’m quite worried about some of the vines. The irrigated vines are still doing good, but the dryland (unirrigated) vines are showing signs of stress.

The Sauvignon blanc grapes are still showing great tropical flavours, with hints of green fig and some blocks showing green pepper flavours. We are picking some Sauvignon blanc today with a great flavour profile – can’t wait to taste the juice.

Sauvignon blanc bunch


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