Selectiv Quality..

A revolution in the vineyard. The Selectiv Process Harvester from Pellenc brings Wine Estate handling of grapes to big Cooperatives. The difference in juice and berry quality is substantial. The [...]

Chardonnay Reserve 2014

What a day. 1100 tonnes harvested today. Big day out on the job. Still we managed to nurse yet another perfect block of Chardonnay Reserve into the tank, at 24.6 ballling,  6.87 TA and  3.35 pH. [...]

Harvesting Chardonnay

The 2014 harvest season is picking up pace now. Pinotage, Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay grapes are coming in at a steady pace. Next week we will see a boom in Merlot, Sauvignon [...]


The harvest is going on at a slow pace. The grapes are ripening much later this year. It is in a sense frustrating, but on the other hand longer hang-time means better wines. No heatwave in sight [...]

First grapes of 2014

And so it starts. The 2014 harvest is officially on its way. The day started with some lovely fresh Nouvelle grapes, destined for the one and only Granny Smith Nouvelle. Very nice Chardonnays was [...]