Set(tling) in..

Skimming through an article in the September issue of the Australian Wine Business Magazine, I came about an article written by Dr Mark Greenspan about the poor fruit set in the Coastal regions [...]

2015 Flowering

Yeah I know the bunch in the feature image isn’t flowering, but who cares, we are in bloom anyway! For those of you who didn’t know, In Bloom is not just a Nirvana classic, but an [...]

#TBT to Priorat

Sitting at home with Tick-bite fever I have the time to go through a lot of old photos. I look at photos from my visit to Chile and Argentina, the great people we met and the amazing wines we [...]

Old Vines

A burning passion in me is working with and preserving old vineyards. There are more like me in South Africa. I think when you mention old vines the first person that comes to mind is Rosa [...]