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A burning passion in me is working with and preserving old vineyards. There are more like me in South Africa. I think when you mention old vines the first person that comes to mind is Rosa Kruger. Nowhere else will you find such passion and dedication to this cause. She even made a website to honour these legends. Go have a look here. Another protector of these giants is Eben Sadie, evident in his wines in “Die Ouwingerdreeks” (The Old Vines Series).

So this post is dedicated to these living legends (in this case, the┬ávines…).

First up – Cinsaut planted in 1978



Next up – Chenin blanc planted in 1984 (Technically not classified as old yet)

Chenin blanc

Chenin blanc


And finally – Cinsaut planted in 1900… yes, this is not a typo, South Africa do indeed have very old vines still in production



So for more info on old vineyards in South Africa, go visit



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