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Sitting at home with Tick-bite fever I have the time to go through a lot of old photos. I look at photos from my visit to Chile and Argentina, the great people we met and the amazing wines we drank. I look at the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking vineyards.


Torroja del Priorat


A view from the shower in Cal Compte…

I slowly go through the photos of Spain and France, assessing on every detail in the photo,  and I can’t help but long to be stuck in that moment in Priorat. A dry and unforgiving landscape, with steep hills comprising of red-black slate soils, hot summers and cold winters. The village of Torroja del Priorat is mostly surrounded by breathtaking vineyards of Garnacha tinta and Cariñena, painting the arid landscape with beautiful green colours.



This is truly an unique piece of earth to grow wine grapes, and this reflects in the wines. The Grenache of Priorat is of the most sought after in the world, and walking amongst these vineyards, some 80 years + old, you can sense the hardship these vines endure each year to grow and ripen their (small) yield to produce the top wines we can enjoy each year…


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